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Model is 6ft 1" and wears size L.
Chest        37 "
Hip            35.75 "
Shoulder    18 "
Waist         28.25 "
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Heat scan transformable anorak

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Size Guide

Double-sided anorak with heat scan allover print on one side and solid moss green nylon on the other side. Transforms into a backpack through the back pocket on side two. Anorak features 1/4 zip at the front, curved flaps at front and back, curved panels on sleeves, zipped front patch pocket, zipped front pockets. Elastic drawstring on the hood, sleeves and hem to adjust the fit.

Side 1 fabric: 100% Recycled Polyester + Resin
Side 2 fabric: 100% Polyester
Fabric origin: Italy

Please note that due to the abstract nature of the print pattern, the exact position of the print will be different on every anorak.

Size & Fit

Relaxed fit, fits true to size.

Model 1 is 176 cm and is wearing a size Medium.

Model 2 is 168 cm and is wearing a size Medium.

Check the size guide for exact measurements for each size.

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